Boomerang-for Week 2 of At Home Learning

Week 2 of At Home Learning Overview for Parents 

 Hello 6th Grade Parents,

I need to start with a big thank you. Thank you for helping your 6th grader tackle their first week of At Home Learning. Thank you for your never ending patience and grace while I navigate this as well! We want to continue our Boomerang updates as a 5&6 department and hope this can give some clarity as to what to expect going into Week 2 of At Home Learning. We are actively making adjustments, providing that ever so difficult balance of too little vs too much work. Thank you, again, for your patience and constructive feedback. 

Homeroom Updates:

At Home Learning MATRIX: Continue to use this to monitor assignments.


Daily Question Post: I am going to be integrating opportunities for kids to post and chat with one another via our 6B Homeroom Google Classroom. So far, we have had a daily “question” posted so I can check in with the students and how they are handling At Home Learning. I hope these can eventually transfer into Zoom meetings and more casual chats, but for now we are limiting it to online posts. I encourage every student to post daily! Some students have been consistently posting, while others I have yet to see. It is not a required assignment, but can be a good outlet to communicate with someone outside of the house. 


Additional Resources: I have had many emails about free resources or additional academic work, mostly in game form. I am compiling a list and will also post this to our Homeroom page. Feel free to email me with any you have found! These can be good time fillers while also providing some brain power. 


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C):  We had our first check in today and the students did great. My grading will be much different while teaching remotely. I plan to assign lessons everyday. Those lessons will be mainly for students to learn and practice the concepts. Every 2-3 lessons I will have a check-in to be sure they understand everything. I will put the check in grades under homework in Powerschool. At the end of each chapter we will have a chapter test like normal but it will not be as long. Tests grades will go under Tests in Powerschool. 


I have emailed students through Google Classroom and given them a goal to keep working in ALEKS over these next few weeks. We already have 7 kids in the pre-algebra class (meaning they finished all the concepts for 6th grade) with many more very close to getting moved up. I’d love for us to have the whole class in pre-algebra by the end of the school year! I think it is possible!!!! These kids are very smart and very hard workers!


***Please know if your child needs to video conference with me through facetime/Zoom/skype/google meet/etc, I am available!!!!! I had my first Zoom conference today with a student and it was great to see a different face.****


Math (Mrs.H): Students and parents, thank you for all of the support as we work through remote learning. I know it feels strange, and we miss the daily interaction and seeing you each day.  I was so excited to see all of the views on the Youtube lessons! Below is the format for our remote learning. I included these directions in my first assignment in Google Classroom assignment, but I thought I’d share here too.  Next week, I will send a new assignment each day (instead of sending the whole week) with a short video and the assignment that goes with it. Parents, I would love you to check the Google classroom with your students so that you can feel a part of their learning.  Thanks again for your support!!


Monday – Wednesday:

You’ll have a video and a short lesson, where you will do odd problems in the textbook. You are NOT going to submit these to me while we are away, but please save all of your work because I will give you a grade for these when we get back to school.

When you finish your assignment, you can take out a red pen, open to the answers in the back, and correct your work. Rework problems you didn’t get correct, and try to figure them out. You will get full credit on these assignments if you correct your errors.

On Thursday:

We will have a quiz.  This quiz will be created based on the M-W learning.  If you’ve been keeping up on your assignments, you will be prepared for this quiz.  You will complete the quiz, take a photo of it, and send it in on Google Classroom. It will be due by Thursday night. I will enter these into PowerSchool by Friday. Like I said, if you are staying on top of your M – W work, you will feel prepared.  The good news for you is that these are open book! But you must complete these quizzes on your own without asking friends/family members for help.  

On Friday:

I will provide different ways to practice!  These videos/exercises/games will be related to our weekly learning.  Friday is also a good day to work on ALEKS!


Math (Ms. S): For Week 2, we will follow the same format that I did for this past week. One change, I will no longer be asking students to submit pictures of their daily homework, please hold on to it as proof of practice. Students are still expected to do their homework for daily practice, otherwise they will be overwhelmed with the assessments. Students are also suggested to complete at least a ½ hour of Aleks every school day, but to alleviate some pressure it will not be graded. So quick run down:

Monday: 9.4 Change in Dimension. ½ hr of suggested Aleks. 

Tuesday: 9.5 Polygons (shapes!) on the Coordinate Plane. ½ hr of suggested Aleks.  

Wednesday: 9.6 Area of Composite Figures. ½ hr suggested Aleks. 

Thurs-Fri: -Review for Chapter Assessment (by completing Chapter Review, due Friday)

  • 1 hr of suggested Aleks time.

Grade for Week 2: -Chapter Review- submit on Google Classroom by Saturday.


Science: Students will learn how solutions form. They will discover certain types of solutions and be able to describe how materials can dissolve faster. Students will conduct an investigation at home to determine how different substances dissolve in water and oil.


Social Studies: Next week in Social Studies students will only be working writing their Wax Museum Project. Students can write their speech. I will be pushing out a Google doc that I want everyone to save his or her speech. If they already wrote some of it they can just copy and paste it into the Google doc on my Google Classroom. I am significantly cutting down on Social Studies so that we can manage the “At Home Learning”. Thanks for your understanding. Ms. Semandiris.


ELA: This week students continued our unit on figurative language learning about idioms, allusions, and hyperboles. I also introduced them to an online learning game called Dreamscape. This is a great tool for both me and the students. I can assign certain topics for review and push out standardized test topics for students to practice. It lets me see where students need extra help. It is also fun to play so if you feel they are watching too much tv or on their Xbox too long, tell them to go play Dreamscape.

Next week we will continue figurative language with alliterations (tongue twisters). This is one of my favorite activities students do all year long. I will be setting up small groups on Zoom for students to share their tongue twisters late next week. I can’t wait!

Soundtrack Book Reports are Due March 30th. The School will be open on Thursday and Friday for kids to drop them off if they are done early. If they still need time and want to hand them in on Monday the 30th, we will figure out a time and place to meet. 

****At this time, I will not be giving lower grades for late work. This is a stressful time for everyone and I do not want to add to that stress. I do ask that students get their work done on time when possible. It is much easier to grade things when they come in on the same day. I plan to assign something everyday that should only take 30-45 min. If they get behind, they WILL feel overwhelmed.*****

BE SURE THEY ARE READING EACH DAY FOR AT LEAST 30 min. I showed them a chart on Monday showing them the importance of reading and I think they all realize what just 20min a day can do for them. READ READ READ!!! 


Specialist Announcements (New!): 


Spanish: A Spanish Google Classroom has been added! Students should use the join code: di46iaw. I have also added this to The Matrix. 


Art: “As kids and parents need creative breaks with kids working independently, encourage them to look at the art website! I’ll have 4 new options for projects next week and feel free to follow our art instagram account or tell your kids about it:  @holyrosaryschoolart. They/their parents can send me photos of any art they do and I’ll post it!” – Autumn Helling 


Library: Looking for another resource for books online?  Check out LightSail Ed. Our librarian, Mrs. Weythman, has created individual accounts for students to have access to the LightSail extensive online library.  The LightSail Library contains texts for students from grades K-12 written across a wide range of Lexile measures. These texts are embedded with assessments and cover a variety of subject matter. Now all students can discover who they are as readers through a broad and appealing library filled with great texts.  *To access your child’s account, please refer to the pdf that lists each child’s username and password. Login using this website:

 *I will be emailing out the spreadsheet of username and log-in info to you guys following this email 🙂 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! I am hunkered down at my desk ready to help with anything. 


Best Wishes,

Caitlin Stroud 

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