Boomerang- for Week 3 of At Home Learning

Week 3 

March 26th, 2020


 Hello 6th Grade Parents,

It’s been 2 weeks since we have seen our students and boy do we miss them! The middle school staff mentioned that “long ago, a teacher joked that they would be able to get so much more work done if there weren’t all these kids around.” What we as teachers have learned more than ever is that although we love our class content, your children are the stars of the show. We miss the chaos, the questions, the silliness, the constant action and the smiles on their faces. We hope to be back to normal very soon. Until then, please let us know how things are going on your end. We want to thank you for your patience as we navigate through this challenging time. 

Homeroom Updates:

At Home Learning MATRIX: Continue to use this to monitor assignments.


6B Homeroomt: This past week, 6B students have had their first few Zoom meetings! We will continue to meet for some casual “homeroom” time so students can see one another. Students should continue checking the 6B Homeroom Google Classroom for more questions or group project opportunities. Here is a cute slideshow of everyone’s pets that they put together this week 🙂 Pet Sharing Slideshow


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C):  We are finishing up Chapter 9 tomorrow with a test. I am so proud of everyone’s effort these past two weeks. It’s been a learning experience for sure and they have been taking our new reality with stride. We will be learning to calculate Volume starting next week. Be sure your child has joined my Kahn Academy class. I will be using Khan Academy  for some assignments for the remainder of at home learning. Khan Academy allows me to see which student is struggling with which topic. I would also like them to do a little ALEKS each day. Our next ALEKS check is this coming Wednesday. 


Math (Mrs.H): Wow, these kids have been working hard!  I appreciate each and every student’s great effort.  Next week we will continue our study of statistics and probability.  Here’s a look.


M – 10.4 Reading and Creating Box and Whisker Plots (I will include two videos and two practices through Khan Academy.  They are really good!). 

T – 10.6 Simple Events – book HW

W – 10.7 Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability (Students will perform a probability experiment today)

Th – Graded quiz.  This will be added on Thursday morning to complete by Th. afternoon.  I will make a Google form quiz that they will submit. These quizzes are open book/open video, but the students should complete on their own.

F – ALEKS Day.  Do 30+ minutes!


Math (Ms. S):  Week 3 of At Home Learning will be dedicated to preparing, taking, and submitting our Chapter 9 Test! Students should be wrapping up their Chapter 9 Study Guide this week. On Monday, we will Zoom to go over the front half of the study guide. On Tuesday, we will Zoom to go over the back side of the study guide. Students will then take their Chapter 9 Test and need to submit clearly written out work to receive credit for this Chapter. So, quick run down:

Monday: Zoom to review the first half of the Study Guide. ½ hr of suggested Aleks. 

Tuesday: Zoom to review the second half of the Study Guide. ½ hr of suggested Aleks.  

Wednesday-Friday: Chapter 9 Test . ½ hr suggested Aleks each day.

Grades for Week 3: -Chapter 9 Study Guide – Chapter 9 Test


Science: Students will conduct an investigation at home to determine how different substances dissolve in water and oil.

Students will take an open book quiz on Lesson 2, How Solutions form, next Tuesday.


Social Studies:  Next week we will begin Chapter 26, The Rise of Democracy.

  •     Monday: Chapter 26 Vocabulary – Students will complete the vocabulary definitions on a pushed out Google doc.
  •     Tuesday: Chapter 26, Students will view a slide show on the information in this Chapter. 
  •     Wednesday: Ch. 26, Students will read the chapter and answer questions pushed out to them on a Google doc. This document will be called the Reading Notes.
  •     Thursday/Friday: Review information in Chapter 26, including vocabulary, Slideshow, and Reading Notes.
  •     We will have a short multiple choice quiz on Chapter 26 on Tuesday March 31st. This quiz will be “Open Book”.


*Students also should continue to work on their Wax Museum Project.


Spanish: Sr. Brodahl has asked that the students join her google classroom so they can get her assignments each week.the code to get in is:  di46iaw I will also send this to the students via email.


ELA: What a fun week we have had with our Alliterative Tongue Twister stories. Small groups  have been meeting every afternoon sharing our stories and it’s been a bright light for the day. We will continue with figurative language next week reviewing what they have been learning. For those students who have not handed in their Soundtrack book report, they are due on Monday. Students can use Google Slides for their report and email it to me or they can do it on the paper provided and take pictures of each page and send to me. Thank goodness for this digital world. Take note, students will be asked to pick their next book for the next book report.. Details on that project coming soon. 


Best Wishes,

Caitlin Stroud 

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