Boomerang- for Week 4 of At Home Learning


April 2nd, 2020


 Hello 6th Grade Parents,

Week 4 of At Home Learning will take place during Holy Week. We will not be assigning any work on Good Friday in hope this day can be spent in meaningful fasting and penance. Traditionally, we would be attending Stations of the Cross as a school on Good Friday. I encourage 6B students to still participate in this tradition, just at home! We would also fast from using any electronics on Friday, so I also suggest a “power down” piece of your day. The 6B students and their families are in my prayers, as fear grips the world let us continue to choose God’s merciful love.  

Homeroom Updates:

At Home Learning MATRIX: Continue to use this to monitor assignments.


6B Homeroom: We will continue to meet for “homeroom check-ins” so students can see one another and we can discuss any assignments needing clarification. This will be scheduled for Zoom, Monday and Wednesday at 1 PM. Students should continue checking the 6B Homeroom Google Classroom for more questions or group project opportunities. Here is a cute slideshow of everyone’s pets that they put together during Week 2: Pet Sharing Slideshow. They also created a new one for Week 3: Sharing Gratefulness Slideshow. Our Week 4 group slideshow will center around Holy Week Prayers! 


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C):  We have started a pretty tough Chapter learning how to compute volume and surface for rectangular prisms and triangular prisms. We will continue learning 2-3 lessons a week then taking short quizzes (for homework points) to be sure they are understanding the concepts. Please be sure your child is doing ALEKS each day. I am still requiring 2 hours every 2 weeks for HW points. Our next ALEKS check is Wednesday, April 22nd. 


Math (Mrs.H): Wow, these kids have been working hard!  I appreciate each and every student’s great effort.  Next week we will continue our study of statistics and probability.  Here’s a look.

M – 10.4 Reading and Creating Box and Whisker Plots (I will include two videos and two practices through Khan Academy.  They are really good!). 

T – 10.6 Simple Events – book HW

W – 10.7 Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability (Students will perform a probability experiment today)

Th – Graded quiz.  This will be added on Thursday morning to complete by Th. afternoon.  I will make a Google form quiz that they will submit. These quizzes are open book/open video, but the students should complete on their own.

F – ALEKS Day.  Do 30+ minutes!


Math (Ms. S):  I am so impressed with all of the hard work put into our Chapter Test! Week 4 of At Home Learning will be dedicated to our new Chapter 10, volume and surface area! I continue to strongly recommend at least a half hour of Aleks a day, even just to review materials they have already mastered.  So, quick run down:

Monday: 10.1 Volume of a Rectangular Prism. 

Tuesday:  10.1 Zoom conference at 9 AM

Wednesday: 10. 2 Volume of Triangular Prism

Thursday: 10.2 Zoom conference at 9 AM. 10.1/10.2 Quiz. 

Friday: Good Friday. Relax 🙂 No electronics. 

Grades for Week 4: Quiz on Thursday on the two lessons from this week. 


Science: Students begin Lesson 3, How Are Chemical Reactions Described? Students will learn what a chemical reaction is and what happens during a chemical reaction.


Social Studies:  This week students will be completing Ch. 26 The Rise of Democracy. Students have been assigned a vocab assignment, a slideshow “content” assignment, and a Reading notes assignment on Google Classroom. The Reading notes assignment is due on April 7th. The Ch. 26 quiz will be “open book” on Thursday April 9th . They can also continue to work on their Wax Museum Speech.

April 7th, 6A will have an SS Zoom Meeting 10:30am. 6B will have an SS Zoom Meeting at 11:00am. This notification will be posted in the Matrix on Monday April 6th. A more detailed zoom invite will be posted in Google Classroom on April 6th as well.


Spanish: Sr. Brodahl has asked that the students join her google classroom so they can get her assignments each week.the code to get in is:  di46iaw I will also send this to the students via email.


ELA: We are almost done with our Figurative Language Unit and March Madness. Tomorrow is the FINALS for March Madness!! I have enjoyed reading why your child voted for the poem they picked or what the poem means to them. They have all posted some pretty amazing comments. The final 4 poems were Don’t Quit by Unknown vs Still I Rise by Maya Angelou, Clock Man by Shel Silverstein vs The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac. Still I Rise and The Rose that Grew from Concrete.

Our next few ELA class sessions will be review activities to get ready for 2 small tests on Figurative Language. These tests will be on Wednesday and Thursday 4/8 and 4/9. 

Please note your child needs  to pick their next book to read and should start reading now. We will have another book report due in the beginning of May. I will give details about the book report after Spring Break. 


Best Wishes,

Caitlin Stroud 

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