Boomerang- for Week 5 of At Home Learning


April 9th, 2020- for WEEK 5 (April 20th-24th)


Hello 6th Grade Parents,

First off, I’d like to say thank you all so much for your support these past 4 weeks. I know this new normal has been difficult, but having you and your wonderful children as our teammates, makes these challenging times that much easier. I look forward to these coming days as we celebrate Holy Week and Easter. Jesus’ death and resurrection give life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what your circumstances. Having to stay home these past few weeks has given each of us a reset button and I hope you all have found peace, love, and happiness with your personal reset. Sadly we now know we won’t be returning to school (in person), so we will be having daily Homeroom Zoom meetings when we get back from Spring Break. A Zoom schedule will be sent out as soon as we get our schedules set. 


Homeroom Updates:

At Home Learning MATRIX: Continue to use this link to monitor assignments.


6B Homeroom: I encouraged all students to participate in this week’s slide sharing. There are thoughtful prayers written by 6B students that would be lovely to share with the family! Holy Week Prayers Slideshow


Auction News: ALOHA!  Everyone needs an escape about now, even if it’s just a virtual one. Imagine palm trees swaying in the wind, a ukulele being strummed in the background and the smell of Plumeria in the air. Holy Rosary can transport you, at least virtually, to Hawaii for 3 hours on Saturday, April 25. 


Due to school being cancelled for the remainder of the year, Holy Rosary School’s largest fundraiser, our annual auction, needs to be moved all ONLINE.  The great news is you don’t need a ticket to participate. EVERYONE IS INVITED! On Thursday, April 23 over 100 items that would’ve been in the Silent Auction will be up for bid through Sunday, April 26. The Live Auction will take place over a three-hour period on the evening of Saturday, April 25. 


Our Fund A Need has a new focus as we move through this new reality.  All proceeds from this year’s Fund A Need will go towards providing scholarships for those students in our community whose families are facing financial hardships. We are blessed to be a part of an amazing community at HRS and communities take care of one another, so join us in supporting the Fund A Need this year.



Miracle Ranch:I am very sad to say we will not be attending Miracle Ranch this year. I am sure you already figured this out but we wanted to officially mention it. 


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C): When we get back from Spring Break, we have one more lesson in our volume and surface area chapter. We will spend many days reviewing Chapter 10. I don’t want to set a date for the Chapter 10 test because I want to be sure everyone is comfortable before we move forward. It could be as early as April 24th or as late as April 30th. Please be sure your child is doing ALEKS each day. I am still requiring 2 hours every 2 weeks for HW points. Our next ALEKS check is Wednesday, April 22nd. 

*****Daily 10:00am Zoom Math Meetings will continue after Spring break. *****


Math (Mrs.H): The week after break, we will begin our next chapter: Ch. 11.  Here is a glance of our week:


Monday: Lesson 11.1: Angle and Line Relationships.  Watch the video and take notes. Do the book HW assigned in Google Classroom.  Correct with the answer key in the back of the book.

Tuesday:  Lesson 11.2 (Day 1): Triangles.  Watch the video and take notes. Do the book HW assigned in Google Classroom.  Correct with the answer key in the back of the book.

Wednesday: Lesson 11.2 (Day 2): Triangles.  Watch the video and take notes. Do the assigned book HW.  Correct with the answer key in the back of the book.  

Thursday: Thursday Quiz – It will include these three lessons!

Friday: ALEKS Day – Do at least 30 minutes!  ALEKS check is next Wednesday. You had since 3/19 to get 2 hours. 🙂


Math (Ms. S):  We are moving on from volume, next week will be all about surface area! I continue to strongly recommend at least a half hour of Aleks a day, even just to review materials they have already mastered.  So, quick run down:

Monday: 10.3 Part 1: Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism 

Tuesday:  10.3 Zoom conference at 9 AM

Wednesday:10. 3 Part 2: Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

Thursday: 10.3 Zoom conference at 9 AM. 10.3 Quiz. 

Friday: 1 hour of Aleks.

Grades for Week 5: Quiz on 10.3 on Thursday


Science: Students will take an open book quiz on Lesson 3,How Are Chemical Reactions Described? on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Students will begin an on-line program called Mosa Mack Science.

In the Chemical Physical Interactions unit, students are led through a progression of three inquiry lessons that focus on the differences between physical and chemical changes.


Social Studies:  We will begin Chapter 26 Life in Two City-States: Athens and Sparta after the break.

Students will be doing the following things:


Monday April 20 – Vocabulary Assignment on Google Classroom

Tuesday April 21 – Watch Chapter Content Video on Google Classroom

Wednesday April 22 – Complete the Chapter 27 Reading Notes

Thursday April 23 – Complete the Chapter 27 Reading Notes

Friday April 24 – Open Book Quiz on Chapter 26.


*Zoom meeting for this week will be communicated via the Matrix and Google Classroom.


Spanish: Sr. Brodahl has asked that the students join her google classroom so they can get her assignments each week.the code to get in is:  di46iaw I will also send this to the students via email.


ELA: We are finally done with our Figurative Language unit! This unit is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed our zoom calls the past few weeks listening to everyones poems and tongue twisters. My boys loved sitting in on the calls too. We also had a winner in our MArch Madness Tournament of Poems. “The Rose That Great Form Concrete” by Tupac was the winner for the second year in a row.

The plan for the remainder of the year, as of now, is to dive into a few different research projects, some grammar review, Greek and Latin roots, and Greek Mythology. I will be spending much of Spring Break mapping things out and my ideas may change slightly. Please note your child should have started reading their next independant book. We will have another book report due in the beginning of May. I will give details about the book report after Spring Break. 


Best Wishes,


Caitlin Stroud 

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