Boomerang!- March 5th, 2020


March 5th, 2020


 Hello 6th grade parents,

Happy March. We are staying diligent about washing our hands and wiping down surfaces, please also practice good hand washing at home! Tomorrow, we are collecting lunches again for St. Martin de Porres Men’s Shelter. In addition to a bagged lunch, students with a last name A-M can bring men’s gloves, N-Z can bring men’s socks.

Homeroom Updates:


The online auction is open for business!  Please consider purchasing a buy back this year.  As you hopefully already know, the 6th graders did a cool coaster project using alcohol ink (or their own design).  For $25, you get four beautiful, unique, handmade coasters that you can display with pride! Thank you so much for supporting our kids, who worked hard on this project.  


WE NEED EMPTY EGG CARTONS FOR A PROJECT! Whip up those omelets, make some french toast, or fry an egg for dinner. Please send in as soon as you have an empty carton. Thank you in advance. 



Every year, as part of our Lenten Outreach, Holy Rosary School has provided lunches to the men at St. Martin de Porres shelter. Students are asked to help pack and bring lunch along with an additional item on designated Fridays during Lent. 


These lunches can be kept cold, so perishable food is fine.


**If you are interested in driving a few students to deliver the lunches one Friday in Lent, please contact Kristin Bentler in the school office. 


Please note the collection dates below. It is most helpful if the additional items are kept separate from the lunches. 


Fri. Feb.  28 – Lunches only


Fri. March 6 – Lunches + additional Items:

Last name A-M men’s gloves

Last name N-Z men’s socks


Fri. March 27 – Lunches only


Fri. April 3 – Lunches + additional Items:

Last name A-M: disposable razors and travel size shaving cream

Last name N-Z: travel size toothbrush and toothpaste


Curriculum Updates:

Math (Mrs. C): We are finishing up Chapter 8, Functions and Inequalities, with a test tomorrow. We have had 3 days of review and students are ready! On Monday we will be moving into Geometry and learning how to find the area of a given figure.  


Math (Mrs.H): Next week we will continue chapter 9 where the students are working with linear functions.  The students learn what a function is and how linear functions can be represented in a variety of ways (tables, ordered pairs, graphs).  Then we will work with slope-intercept form and apply it to solving systems of equations algebraically and graphically. The students will end this chapter feeling confident with graphing lines on the coordinate plane.  Our chapter test will not be until the following week. Remember, I also update my math HW website daily with our nightly HW:  


Math (Ms. S): We will have our Chapter 8 Test, functions and inequalities, on Wednesday of next week. We will have 3 review days leading up to the test. Aleks, 1.5 hours, is due tomorrow at midnight. 


Science: Students will be introduced to the fundamental ideas in chemistry.

Chemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes that take place in it. Students will make mixtures and solutions with different solid materials and water. They will separate mixtures and solutions using screens, filters, and evaporation.


Social Studies: We have begun our study of Ancient Greece! We will begin a “History of Greece” that covers the Minoan Civilization, the Mycenaeans as well as some geography of Greece. Students will have a quiz on these notes on 3/16. We will be highlighting the information that they will need to “study” for the quiz on their notes. There is not study guide for this as the notes are the study guide. Later we will go back to the text and learn about the Rise of the City-states and the beginning of democracy! Ancient Civilization Wax Museum – May 21 st Today, students did choose who they will be for the Wax Museum. Students can begin toresearch who they will be. I handed out the rubric as well as a Bibliography worksheet so students can document the resources they use to find information on their person. The rubric for this project is also on the Social Studies Google Classroom. I have pushed out a Google doc on Google Classroom as well. I would like the students to write their speech on that document.




ELA: We started our Poetry Unit this week with Blackout Poetry. Students used a page from The Giver to strategically blackout words to make a poem. This project is due on Monday 3/9. 


We also filled out brackets for March Madness, Tournament of Poems. There are 16 poems competing to win the championship! We will be voting throughout the month of March to find out who wins. May the best poem win!!!! If you would like to see the poems we are voting on you can find them in Google Classroom.


Please remind your child to keep reading their book for our Soundtrack book report. This report is due on March 30th. 


Memory books are due Monday March 9th.


Religion: We will continue to discuss facts about the Gospels. We will go over the Books of the New Testament. Students will learn about images of the Church mentioned in the Bible.



  • March 13th – No School, Deanery Curriculum Day
  • March 14th – Auction
  • March 20th – Noon Dismissal
  • April 30-May 1st – Miracle Ranch! (ONE NIGHT SLEEPAWAY TRIP)


Best Wishes,

Caitlin Stroud 

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