Boomerang- Week 6 of At Home Learning

April 9th, 2020- For Week 6 of At Home Learning


Hello 6th Grade Parents,

ALOHA!!!! Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you all found time to relax, get outside, and enjoy that beautiful weather! Boy were we lucky to have so many beautiful, warm, sunny days! 6B shared what they did over Spring Break and it has been fun to see all the adventures, even if they weren’t what everyone had originally planned to do. Click on this link to see our Google Slideshow.

6B Spring Break Slides

I hope you are all staying healthy and enjoying this unexpected gift of time with your families. Remember the AUCTION STARTS TODAY!!! The 6th grade project looks amazing! Thank you to Jennifer Crisera, and everyone who helped with this project. It turned out great! 


Homeroom Updates:

At Home Learning MATRIX: Continue to use this link to monitor assignments.


Powerschool: Please take a moment to check Powerschool. Many students have 1 or more missing assignments. Just a reminder, we are not penalizing students for late work. But we would like them to try to get their work in on time when possible.If your child has a missing assignment, Fridays are a good day for them to catch up on work. 


Auction News: ALOHA!  Everyone needs an escape about now, even if it’s just a virtual one. Imagine palm trees swaying in the wind, a ukulele being strummed in the background and the smell of Plumeria in the air. Holy Rosary can transport you, at least virtually, to Hawaii for 3 hours on Saturday, April 25. 


Due to school being cancelled for the remainder of the year, Holy Rosary School’s largest fundraiser, our annual auction, needs to be moved all ONLINE.  The great news is you don’t need a ticket to participate.  EVERYONE IS INVITED! Starting today, Thursday, April 23 over 100 items that would’ve been in the Silent Auction will be up for bid through Sunday, April 26. The Live Auction will take place over a three-hour period on the evening of Saturday, April 25. 


Our Fund A Need has a new focus as we move through this new reality.  All proceeds from this year’s Fund A Need will go towards providing scholarships for those students in our community whose families are facing financial hardships. We are blessed to be a part of an amazing community at HRS and communities take care of one another, so join us in supporting the Fund A Need this year.


Battle of the Books: Coming to you soon!


Yes, you heard that right! Battle of the Books will still take place this May using Zoom as our online platform. At this time, I’d like to find out which teams would still like to participate so that I can organize our competition rounds and prizes. If your team would still like to participate please choose a team captain to send one email to me, Mrs. Weythman, with your team name and group member names. I know we left school before you could finish reading all of the books, but just know we are all in the same boat and it will still be a fun experience for everyone. We still have fun prizes for each round and there will still be a remote district final where our top HRS team will compete against the other top teams around the Archdiocese of Seattle. 


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C): Next week we will spend 2 days reviewing for our Chapter 10 test and have our test on Wednesday, April 29th. For this review we will be using IXL (the students are familiar with that website), Khan Academy, and review worksheets that are similar to the test. I will continue to have a daily Math Zoom call at 10am.


Monday: Review

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday:Chapter 10 Test

Thursday: Chapter 11.1

Friday: Chapter 11.2


Math (Mrs.H): A few updates for next week.  


On Monday morning, I will add some more warm up activities that students can practice throughout the week.  These will build on our current learning, or they will reinforce topics we learned earlier this year.  


Our next ALEKS check has begun.  The students need 2 hours between April 23rd and May 13th.  Each Friday’s HW assignment is to do ALEKS, so students should be able to get this time if they stay on top of their Friday ALEKS assignments.  


Finally, it is imperative the students are watching and interacting with the full daily YouTube lessons every M-W.  Mastery of these skills will be very important to ensure readiness for algebra next year.  Also, please make sure to join and engage in our Zooms.  I’m choosing lessons carefully when we should check in as a group.  Thank you so much for your hard work!


Here is our week at a glance:


Monday: Lesson 11.3 Polygons.  Watch and interact with the YouTube tutorial.  Complete the assignment in Google classroom.

Tuesday:  Lesson 11.4 Translations and Reflections on the Coordinate Plane (Day 1). Watch and interact with the YouTube tutorial.  Then complete the assignment in Google classroom.

Wednesday: Lesson 11.4 Translations and Reflections on the Coordinate Plane (Day 2).  Join our Zoom at 9:30 AM!    Then complete the assignment in Google classroom.

Thursday: WEEKLY QUIZ!  It’ll be in Google classroom at 7AM.  Take your time and do your best work.  It must be completed independently but you can use notebook/book/videos.

Friday: Do 45 minutes+ of ALEKS.


Math (Ms. S):  We are continuing to learn about the surface area of prisms, this week a triangular prism! I continue to strongly recommend at least a half hour of Aleks a day, even just to review materials they have already mastered.  So, quick run down:

Monday: 10.4 Part 1: Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism 

Tuesday:  10.4 Zoom conference at 9 AM

Wednesday:10. 4 Part 2: Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

Thursday: 10.4 Zoom conference at 9 AM. 10.4 Quiz. 

Friday: 1 hour of Aleks.

Grades for Week 5: Quiz (Check-In) on 10.4 on Thursday


Science: Students will explore to explore relationships among complex chemical reactions. They will solve a mystery that demonstrates the understanding that unlike physical changes, chemical changes break bonds to create new substances with different properties.


Social Studies:  Next week we will have the Ch. 27 Quiz (Open Book) on Tuesday April 28th. The Wax Museum written assignment is due on Friday May 1st. Students will need to make sure to add the Bibliography on to the written paper. This should be completed in the Google Classroom assignment that I pushed out to them. On Thursday, April 30 we will have a zoom meeting on Bibliography/Citations and using Easy Bib. The information to join this zoom meeting will be posted on the Matrix by Monday morning at 8:30am. It will also be posted on the zoom schedule. 


ELA: This week we have been talking about life goals, or Bucket Lists. Students are coming up with a list they want to accomplish before they reach a certain age. I have asked for them to think of a historical or geographic place they would like to visit and a “feel good” or volunteer activity they would like to do. This “feel good” activity would be something they could do for the environment or for others. Once they have their list, they will be researching their destination or activity. Next week, students will make a Google Slide presentation with information about 4 different Bucket List adventures. I have been reading their ideas and some of them are pretty amazing! I apologize in advance if they have already started planning your next family vacation. 🙂


We will continue using a few different websites for review of grammar, punctuation, and comprehension. I have gone over how to use these websites in my ELA meetings.


Students should almost be done with their next book. Please be sure they are reading for 40 min a day.  I will be introducing our next book report next week. For this book report, students will be conducting  an interview with the main character or characters in their book. I will give more info about this in Monday’s ELA Zoom meeting. 


Religion: Chapter 11: The Early Church

6th graders will learn that Jesus founded the Church and sent the Holy Spirit to help her fulfill her mission of witnessing to the Good News of Jesus. They will also learn that the Holy Spirit remains with us today, guiding and building the Church.


Best Wishes,

 Caitlin Stroud