Boomerang!- October 17th

October 17, 2019


Dear Sixth Grade Parents,


WOW! October is flying by! Standardized testing has officially come to an end, great job 6B! I’ve been so impressed with the hard work I have seen from each student through this process. I look forward to sharing their results with you and make plans to help each child grow throughout the school year.


Homeroom Updates:


Mid-trimester Reports:will be sent home Monday, October 23.  You will find a parent signature form and self-assessment form attached.  Please look over all of these forms with your child, discuss their progress so far in sixth grade, and how they can grow. Please return the signature form by Friday, October 27.


Halloween Party: Thursday, October 31st is our sixth grade Halloween party!  Our room parents have some amazing plans for our party to be a success. If you are able to help in any way please contact one of our room parents: Carl Baber and Peter Fessler.


Curriculum Updates:


Math (Mrs. C): We started Chapter 3 today, Computing with Mulit-Digit Numbers. Students will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and decimals. Chapter 2 was difficult for a few students. If your child got below a 70% on the test, they have the chance to make test corrections for a grade upto 70%. Reminder there is aN ALEKS check October 23rd.


Math (Mrs.H): Next week we will finish our third chapter, operations with rational numbers, with our chapter test on Tuesday.  We will have spent two full class periods reviewing for the test. On Wednesday, we will totally switched gears with our next chapter on powers and roots.  Also, next Wednesday, 10/23, will be our next ALEKS check. This includes the time period from 10/10-10/23, and students need 2 hours.


Math (Ms. S): Students will be taking their Chapter 2 Test this upcoming Monday. We have postponed the test date to make sure we are allowing ample review and study time. Students will have fully completed the study guide, with correct answers, by the weekend. It is imperative that students then review their work this weekend to recall all they have learned and to keep it fresh in their minds. They may say, “but I’ve done that problem already!” TRY IT AGAIN! Can they show mastery of it a second time and get the correct answer? The more practice the better. Next Aleks (1 hour of practice) is due by next Friday, the 25th. 


Religion:  We are continuing to learn about the Rosary prayer. They will be able to tell about the Luminous Mysteries.


Science: Students will begin a new unit in Science called Living Systems. In this unit students will conduct investigations to learn about the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and excretory systems in humans and the vascular system in plants. Students will learn how all cells have basic needs for water, food, gas exchange, and waste disposal. They will also learn how materials are transported to cells in multicellular organisms.



Social Studies: On 10/22 students we will review the study guide for Chapter 5, Was Sumer a Civilization? It is available now on Google classroom if anyone would like to begin to review for the test. This test will be on 10/29. Next week we will be taking a closer look at Cuneiform writing. Students will learn about the beginnings of writing and take notes in a classroom lesson. Then they will write two messages in cuneiform writing. Next they will make clay tablets and write their two cuneiform messages during class.



ELA: Learning about plot can be boring but not when you have Pixar Shorts to learn from. Students are in the middle of filling out plot diagrams (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution) of their favorite Pixar short. Next week we will dive into our reading books and read stories about Fear. Students will review character traits, theme, plot, inferencing and setting while we read from our textbooks. Students will be tested on theme, plot, setting, character traits, and inferencing Wednesday October 30th. This test should be pretty easy as long as students are taking good notes and paying attention in class. I will add a picture of the notes on Google classroom by Monday, October 21st so students can be sure they have complete notes. Reminder we have Unit 3 vocabulary test on Friday, October 25.



  • October 24th – Picture Retakes
  • November 1st – All Saints Mass
  • November 2nd – Fall Open House
  • November 2nd – Italian Dinner (following 5pm mass)
  • November 8th – Family Fun Center (reward for selling 25+ magazines)
  • November 8th – Mother/Son Glow Bowl (5pm)
  • April 30-May 1st- Miracle Ranch! (ONE NIGHT SLEEPAWAY TRIP)


I hope you all stay dry this weekend!


Best Wishes,


Ms. Stroud